What Does It Mean By Career Goal?

Alphabetically, goal means the destination. The ending that’s mostly expected by one. For which they work hard, endlessly. For which they watch dream a lot.

Now the significance of the word goal has been already realized. So, when it adjusts with a career, obviously we can feel the means of it a lot.

Man gets the intention of reaching the destination by born. One of the most natural and god-gifted things to humans is the successful achievement of life or I can say the goal of life

Every human being living on this earth has deserved the right of ensuring the best security for him/her. In ancient, the meaning of this security just indicated the security of life from any other dangerous and unexpected attack of animals or any other natural calamities. At that time, the meaning was just this and nothing more.

But by the passing of age, today, the meaning of the security of life means more than previous. And that’s called and well known as career-building or focusing on brightening the career. Due to the increase in competition for merit-based globalization, the race for building careers also increased significantly.

I am no exception.

My name is Fahaduzzaman. I was born in 2001 in a Muslim-family in Sylhet city. There are parents and one elder brother in my family. My father is working in the teaching profession. My mother is a housewife. My brother is a post-graduate from the University of Dhaka and now working as an academic fellow of a renowned non-government organization.

I was born in a middle-class family, where all the hopes and demands were limited. As a member of such a family, though it was easy to see the dream, wasn’t easy to touch.

My education life was started in a famous English medium school name Cambridge grammar School & College. I studied there for about eight years.

I’ve passed my SSC examination in the year 2016 and HSC in the year 2018.

I got admitted to the University of Dhaka at the department of law in the academic year 2019-2020. Law was my dream subject and by the grace of almighty, I got it also.

My Career Objective:

I want to complete my higher education and want to focus my career on the law. it’s a passionate subject to me. Moreover, after completing higher education in it, I wish to work for my country’s legislative sector. I think our country needs more potential and intelligent human resources to reform the current law of the country and to apply the best, which will be sustainable and technologized.

Because I believe that, the law is one of the mandatory elements for the progress of a country.

Why Do I Believe That?

A country’s overall prosperity is based on multiple activities and actions. To develop the country’s overall economic circumstance, to make it more powerful and stabilized, to improve the socio-economic condition of people, there is no alternative of enhancing those “multiple actions”.

And those multiple actions are- developing the infrastructure of society, co-operate the young generations in the term of building their career, (because they are the basement of a country), etc. Besides this, major and most important activities are, enforcement, establishment, and regulation of the rules of law, creating an environment of transparency and accountability in all the private and public sectors of a country.

If we have a look over the super-powerful countries of the world like the USA, China, UK, Germany, Russia; those who are actually in the leading position now. We’ll see how they applied their legislative laws all over the country and established fair ruling.

The developed countries realize very well that effective rules of law are very important and interrelated with the progress of all other departments and the overall development of a country. Just because, it ensures proper accountability, exactitude over all the sectors, which helped them to run the progress of their administrational activities and also to reach the highest destination of success!

In The Light Of Our Country:

Bangladesh is a South Asian country whose economic stability is predominately generated by agriculture. Furthermore, readymade garments are also an important source for the economic progress of our country.

Now, according to our prospectus, though we’re increasingly becoming a developed country, still we are unable to establish the rule of law and justice. The current demography of an overburdened population is still an alarming issue to us.

Still, our government service and all other relevant sectors to it, are covered in a blanket of conspiracy. Just for the lack of proper ruling and accountability in government service providing premises, mango peoples are falling into inconvenience which is beyond description and visible as daylight. Gender, class, and political discrimination took untouchable positions all over the country!

And as a competitive, to reduce such unexpected and vengeful deeds, effective rule of law, proper application, and strict enforcement of the law is quite mandatory. There should be no compromise. Because the proper application and strict utilization of the law can only establish peace and the happiness of a country and can also boost all the required elements related to the development.

Once, William Ewart Gladstone, a famous British statesman, and liberal politician said, Justice delayed is justice denied. That’s absolutely true. The sections of law always remain suitable, the difference is only in the applying process.

So, as an answer to the above-mentioned question, we’re able to understand the importance of law, its strict and proper application from the micro to the macro level of the country.

If we want to create a powerful administration like the developed countries, It’s compulsory to mobilize a group of meritorious pupils, who will and can take control of the executive and legislative sector of our country, create an accountable, transparent administration, and establish justice over people.

It’s not an easy task to do. It’s a journey! This is exactly like a project, a long durational project where not only the government but also the mango people of our country should also generate inspiration. It’s true that this journey is quite thorny, and will taste bitter. But its result will be outstanding and tremendous.

The establishment of the rules of law doesn’t only control the country’s supreme sector. It also fell a silent effort to the level of mango people as well as to the country’s future generation. And gradually, the whole nation turns into a chained one.

Completing my higher education in law, I also wish to be a participant in this journey, where all the potential, truthful, and highly talented youths of our country will take the control of our administration, sort everything with an iron hand.

We should realize that we were and are an invincible nation! We showed our capability during the war of independence in 1971. As a proud citizen of my country I think, if we want to take our country to the zenith of success, we should start our work according to our capability from today. We should make ourselves prepared.

If we truly work hard for the progress of our country, surely, one day we’ll be able to make our country among one of them who is well known as the ‘superpower’!

Hence, I tried my best to describe my career plan and objectives according to my subject basis.